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Fueling our hydrogen future

Hydrogen has great potential to help address the climate crisis, enhance energy security and create new economic value.  ⅓ of carbon pollution originates from the transportation sector, and trucking is particularly hard to decarbonize through electrification.  Governments and industry are rapidly intensifying investment in hydrogen as a key part of our clean energy future, with a focus on transportation and industrial sectors.  If clean hydrogen is scaled globally, the hydrogen industry has projected the potential for $2.5 trillion in annual revenues and 30 million jobs globally, along with 20 percent global emissions reductions by 2050.

About Hyfluence

Hyfluence designs, manufactures, supplies and services innovative high-reliability hydrogen fueling equipment for cars, trucks, buses, rail and marine applications.

Prior to founding Hyfluence, our veteran team was behind key advancements in hydrogen fueling technology over the last 20 years, including development of the world’s first 700 bar fast-fill station, definition of various hydrogen fueling and station standards, and the delivery of over 25 stations and systems with a perfect accident-free safety record. 

Our Expertise

Engineering high-reliability integrated hydrogen systems 

  • Complete hydrogen refueling stations, heavy-duty and light-duty

  • Hydrogen dispensers, 350 and 700 bar

  • Hydrogen tube trailer filling systems

  • Mobile and containerized infrastructure

hydrogen vehicle
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