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Our Solutions

Hyfluence is a leading North American supplier of equipment, systems and stations for hydrogen vehicle refuelling and gaseous hydrogen distribution.
Fully integrated systems that perform

Hyfluence develops all key subsystems in-house and fully integrates and tests end-to-end for maximum reliability, performance, and usability -- compression package, dispenser, pre-cooling with chiller, point-of-sale.

Innovating for extreme reliability

Our innovative new compression architecture provides fault-tolerance and simple maintenance, all in a smaller footprint. We extensively pre-qualify all key components and subsystems and engineer resilience and redundancy throughout the system.

Powered by experience,
driven by reliability.

Fault-tolerant architectures for high-reliability J2601 compliant fueling

Smart compressor utilization controls for reduced cycling

Distributed, networked controls for simplified site commissioning

Cloud-based data/station network management system

Products & Systems

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