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Hyfluence selected to supply hydrogen refuelling and distribution equipment for the Avina Clean Hydrogen project in Southern California.

Updated: Apr 25

VANCOUVER, BC, April 17, 2024 – Hyfluence Systems Corp. (“Hyfluence”), a leading designer and manufacturer of hydrogen vehicle refueling equipment, has been awarded the supply of hydrogen infrastructure to Avina Clean Hydrogen. Avina’s four ton-per-day hydrogen production facility in California will provide on-site refueling for hydrogen vehicles plus distribution of hydrogen to regional off-take customers. 


Hyfluence will deliver two heavy-duty hydrogen fueling stations for the filling of commercial vehicles.  The Hyfluence equipment will encompass compression, storage and dispensing at both 350 bar and 700 bar pressures, with a total capacity of 2000 kilograms per day, using Hyfluence’s high-reliability, fault-tolerant system architecture.  Hyfluence will also supply a HyLoader™ unit capable of filling tube trailers for bulk hydrogen distribution from the Avina facility.   


These hydrogen infrastructure solutions will be deployed in partnership with Chart Industries (NYSE: GLTS) and its subsidiary Howden, who will supply key compression components alongside the Hyfluence systems.


“Avina is at the forefront of clean hydrogen advancements, and we are committed to providing reliable, cutting-edge hydrogen fueling solutions tailor-made for the next wave of heavy-duty hydrogen vehicles,” said Hyfluence CTO, Angela Das. 


"We are excited to partner with Hyfluence to pioneer the development of an on-site hydrogen production and refueling station project in Southern California. Leveraging Hyfluence's highly reliable, fully integrated refueling systems, we are taking a significant step towards realizing our vision of offering customers excellent flexibility and effortless refueling for both tube trailers and heavy-duty trucks on-site., " said Vishal Shah, Founder & CEO of Avina Clean Hydrogen.


The Hyfluence equipment will be produced at Hyfluence’s manufacturing facility in Vancouver, Canada and deployed to the Avina site through 2024 and the first half of 2025.


About Hyfluence Systems Corporation:

Hyfluence designs, manufactures, supplies and supports innovative high-reliability hydrogen fueling equipment for cars, trucks, buses, rail and marine applications. Prior to founding Hyfluence, the company’s veteran team was behind key advancements in hydrogen fueling technology over the last 20 years, including development of one of the world’s first 700 bar fast-fill station, development of various hydrogen fueling and station standards, and delivery of over 25 stations and systems across North America with a perfect accident-free safety record. 


About Avina Clean Hydrogen:

Avina Clean Hydrogen is a leading provider of hydrogen and derivative fuel solutions dedicated to advancing the development and adoption of clean fuels for a sustainable future. The company focuses on deployment of clean solutions across various industries, including transportation, energy, and industry. Avina Clean Hydrogen is committed to driving innovation and collaboration to address the challenges of climate change and environmental sustainability.


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